Field Trips: Episode 001 (Pilot) | Portland

Exactly a year ago we began a project that was put on hiatus after we finished this pilot episode. The idea was to create a video series titled, "Field Trips," to give an opportunity to explore, visit, and share stories from the road.  This episode was filmed in a single day minus the auto show footage as a proof of concept.  We hope to move forward with the project this year.  If you're a brand interested in joining our adventure feel free to reach out.


Adventure Awaits.  FIELD TRIPS embarks on a journey to discover and reveal the excitement of travel and exploration, while providing a behind the scenes look at the culture, people, and brands of each destination.  With each episode we will set out to visit various locations to uncover new experiences and share our story.

For the pilot episode, Episode 001 brings us to the quirky, weird, and always awesome Portland, Oregon.  This city is known for their culinary scene, craft beer, and the breathtaking landscape that surrounds it.  Yet, it is the people that make this such an incredible city.  We go behind the scenes to visit lifestyle heritage brands Danner boots and Tanner Goods to witness the artisans in process while making their exceptional, handcrafted goods.

Produced by: John Pangilinan
Directed by: John Pangilinan / Gabe Yeh
Filmed by: Renee Rogers / Gabe Yeh

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