Designworks Talks About the Making of MINI's Augmented Reality Glasses for Hypebeast

We were enlisted by Hypebeast to film a short video with MINI as they unveiled their concept augmented reality glasses in San Francisco as well as interview a few key members at Designworks in Los Angeles in addition we provided the photos for the unveiling private event for the website.

Following the recent unveiling of MINI’s concept augmented reality glasses in San Francisco (seen here), Designworks — the creative agency responsible for the design of MINI’s latest innovation — as well as the BMW Group Technology Office discuss in detail the process behind creating a technology that could truly transform the automotive industry. From its relationship to MINI and its parent company BMW, to its aviator inspirations and technical features, Designworks’ president and directors – alongside BMW’s head of technology and senior advanced technology engineer of the USA - shed additional light on the benefits of their new-age product. - excerpt from Hypebeast