Sanctiond Car Care Advertising Campaign


I was able to work as the brand director for this year's advertising campaign for Sanctiond car care. Sanctiond is a car care brand aimed at the urban and youth automotive enthusiast and was founded by famed LA tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon and photographer / director Estevan Oriol with another owner of the company being the hip hop legend, Snoop Dogg. With the goal to reach the new generation of automotive enthusiast and showcase the brand's lifestyle that consists of various segments of cars from imports to exotics to lowriders, music, fashion and more. With many other competitors in the market the brand needed to stand out. I was able to select influencers from various sub-cultures to act as the brand ambassadors for the ad campaign. First was Mark Arcenal, owner of the brand's illest apparel, and the Slammed Society Car show. Next was BJ Baldwin, a 4-time off-road racing champion and what better way to show how the product works than to feature someone that plays in the dirt for a living. Finally, the hip-hop fan favorite, Curren$y from New Orleans who has a collection of rides from classic Domestics to a Ferrari. The ads have been featured in magazines such as Super Street, Import Tuner, Modified, Heavy Hitters, RIDES, Performance Auto & Sound and DUB as well as the Formula DRIFT fan guide that is distributed at each event throughout the nation.

Working alongside, Estevan Oriol was a great experience and having the opportunity to see him in action while on location was great. We were also able to capture additional content for the online video series, Sanctiond Stories at the same time of these shoots. Check out the ads below.