Snoop Joins Forces with Sanctiond Car Care at SEMA


Last week during the SEMA convention it was announced that Snoop (formerly Snoop Dogg) Lion is joining Mister Cartoon as a business partner and ambassador for the Sanctiond Automotive brand. Sanctiond targets a younger and culturally diverse population, which is the fastest growing segment of consumers, yet currently underserved by all car care brands on the market. Sanctiond specifically appeals to this audience, while also pioneering a unique emphasis on the subcultures of music and art, which go hand-in hand with the cars they cherish. With every automotive media outlet on-hand at the show and each brand vying for their attention it takes some work to be able to make a statement at an event such as this. During the week I was able to give media members tours of the booth including European Car, DSPORT and Stanceworks. I managed the press conference within the Sanctiond booth for the official announcement with Snoop and Mister Cartoon and brought journalists from various outlets including, DUB and RIDES. Adding to the already packed booth and to bring even more attention to the brand I was able to call on a couple MMA friends and car enthusiasts, Rampage Jackson and Josh Barnett to join in on the activities. It was a very successful event for the brand leading into the holiday season.