LIFE by Phiten in Antenna


I've been working on a new project for the past couple of months with the Japanese company Phiten. Phiten produces health and wellness products from compression gear to bracelets and necklaces that Major Leaguers and NBA stars are seen wearing. LIFE is the new sub-brand that is being launched tapping into the lifestyle market that includes fashion, art, design, music and more. We worked to assemble a team of brand ambassadors to represent the brand. The first influencer selected is James Bond, co-founder of Undefeated and designer in his own right. I've had the pleasure to work with Bond in the past and he is extremely talented and has been successful in many of his endeavors taking UNDFTD and the shoe culture to another level. But he is more than just a designer and what many people don't know is he is an active person that keeps busy by working out, playing sports such as soccer and surfing and raising a family. He fits the LIFE vision perfectly.

The first ad we designed has been released in the latest issue of Antenna. I was fortunate enough to shoot the photography and work on the creative for this project. The goal was to keep the ads very minimal and clean and showcase the product in real life working environment. I visited James at his creative studio and watched as he worked on a project and snapped away. Here is the first of a few ads. We also filmed a series of videos that will be released soon featuring each brand ambassador.