CrossFit Downey Website Launched


A close friend of mine opened up a new location for his CrossFit business. For those that don't know CrossFit is a popular workout program that is based on constantly varied exercises to increase strength and conditioning. The new location and facility is amazing - complete with top of the line equipment. To celebrate the new opening he asked me to help him re-build his website. 

It was decided that he would also need photography of the new gym along with a few of the members in action. So we booked a date and time and I was able to shoot the first shots for the site. Using a single strobe and dim lighting to give a gritty and dramatic effect I was able to capture the members doing a hard core workout of kettle bell swings, pull-ups and more. Below are some shots from the shoot.

WordPress was chosen as the platform for the ease of use and clean dashboard. The website's main goals were to showcase what CrossFit is, what separates CrossFit Downey from the rest and to become a online destination for health and wellness. Once the site was complete I created a tutorial to help my buddy update the site on his own for his needs. After all you can "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Check out the site at