Joy of Riding Pt 1


I have been working on a project with Puma and Ducati that has given me the opportunity to travel and meet some new and interesting individuals. Along the way I've gotten to meet some unique and truly wonderful people as they have shared their stories with us. I really admire people that are passionate for something and go after it. The personalities that we've come across share a similar passion for riding motorcycles and it shows with the way they live their lives.  

One of the first individuals we have come across is the founder of URB magazine, Raymond Roker. His story is very compelling with a list of achievements that reads like a long novel, yet he is very humble. Raymond invited us to his home in West Hollywood where he opened up about his history and current projects he is working on. We chatted briefly about storage solutions and bags and found we have a shared interest in these things. We then ventured off into the hills of Malibu for some riding through the gorgeous ocean and mountain terrains.