Long Beach Clothing Featured in City Beat


My friends at Long Beach Clothing re-opened their store in Bixby Knolls, Long Beach after a short hiatus. The city inspired brand was founded by Jay, who is better known as "Lightning" former producer of the "Kevin and Bean" morning show on KROQ and Shawn Moore. Shawn is also a huge car guy and helped me with my Scion TC GT project. It's great to see guys from different lifestyles come together. After living in Long Beach for 3 years now I have come to realize the impact one brand has had on a city. There is a strong sense of pride for Long Beach natives and the brand gives an outlet for them to represent the culture whether it's with a decal on a car, t-shirt, or hat. Celebrities often are found wearing the gear as well including Snoop Dogg, Steve-O, and Blink 182.

I went to their opening night for Final Friday and took some photos. I was able to reach out to a few local media outlets to secure press coverage of this event and the new City Beat Long Beach printed the following story.