NIKE LA Destroyers


I was invited to attend the NIKE LA Destroyers event during the last Art Walk of the year in Downtown Los Angeles this past Thursday. I assisted in securing a couple media outlets to cover the event and was able to shoot some photos of the experience. In true NIKE fashion they put on a great event at an amazing venue. The venue used to be an old bank that has been restored but plenty of the structure still remains including the vault, which was used to house a few signature jackets such as Manny Pacquiao's. NIKE Sportwear curated an art exhibit showcasing stories of "LA Destroyers", athletes/cultural taste-makers whole embody the ultimate sports lifestyle. Their individual breakthrough moments were brought to life by local artists. The stories behind each Destroyer are both inspiring and motivating and represents the diverse culture that surrounds us.

The event also had an open bar, good crowd, and a performance from J*Davey what more could you want?