Enter Jon Sibal


I recently found some time to visit my old friend Jon Sibal. I met Jon years ago through the BMW showcar scene and kept up with his projects through the years. We were able to finally work together in 2008 for my Scion Tuner Challenge project and again this year on a couple other car projects. Jon is known through the automotive world as one of the best if not the best automotive illustrators out there. With his keen eye for details and knowledge of car design he is able to create automotive illustrations that many designers would be jealous of. But what many auto people don't know is that Jon only does automotive work on the side and his real 9 to 5 is in the comic book world. I sat down with Jon and watched him work, while picking his brain to learn more about his craft and how he came to be. And what I came to find is that through coincidence and dedication he was able to work with some of the best comic artists in the world including Jim Lee, Gary Frank, and more. You may not know their names but they are responsible for work found in X-men, Wildcats, and Superman (I was into comics in the early 90's...mostly Image Comics.) Some may not see the talent in "inking" which is what is official title is, but if you look closely at his work you can see the craftsmanship from each line drawn. His work is also very time consuming and a single page in a comic book can take up to a full day of work and with tight deadlines to make the next issue he is constantly found with a pen in his hand. It's amazing to see how he finds the time to do the automotive work let alone maintain his blog and still have time for his family. I wanted to share part of his story and give a little credit where credit is due. I'm also considering introducing a few more individuals that have inspired me through this blog.