Targa Trophy


For some racing and motor sports are a form of entertainment to be watched on television or occasionally from the grand stand of a live event. For others its their way of life. And somewhere in between fan and professional there are a few that are hobbyist and find joy in spirited driving whether it be on the track or on the open road. Catering to this crowd and giving them a chance to test their driving and navigational prowess is the Targa Trophy. The Targa Trophy is one of the few new lifestyle road rallies, but unlike others this road rally, is not based on speed alone, but mainly a combination of time x distance. Drivers are required to stay within a specific target time frame and mileage adhering to a set road course by the organization. Starting with a base point total, points are deducted by either time below or above the set time as well as is the mileage. I've had the unique opportunity to work with organization and must say the rally itself is a blast.

Not knowing what to expect on the first rally from Los Angeles to San Diego I participated in a stock Lexus IS350 courtesy of Lexus and embarked on a full day journey through back roads and coastal scenes that I have never seen before, even though I've lived in Southern California most of my life. This first event had me hooked as I attempted to keep up with the collection of super cars, exotics, and sports cars on the rally. The second rally took place in the Bay Area and the epic road trip was taken with industry colleagues in a modified Lexus ISF. Anytime you mix high-horsepower with twists and turns and country backroads you know you're in for a treat, while driving.

I was able to document the adventure with photos and as I write this I am in the middle of building the next vehicle for the Final leg of the rally of the Triple Crown Series that will coincide with the annual SEMA convention in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more.

More photos and details are available on my Fatlace Blog. Targa Trophy Event #1 So Cal Challenge & Targa Trophy Event #2 Bay Area Rally Fest