Performance Racing Industry


Back in April, I was contacted by Performance Racing Industry magazine for a quick phone interview on the auto industry and the future of motorsports and more specifically regarding drifting. I've now completed 4 seasons traveling with the Formula DRIFT series as their official public relations manager and have seen the Series grow from year one. I've also managed a few clients that are direct sponsors of the Series as well as been a sponsor of the Series (while at Speedwell Footwear) so I can safely say I'm a bit familiar with this emerging motorsport. I do not claim to be an expert in all things drift, but I have grown to be more than just a fan. Only time will tell if drifting is a fad or here to stay, but I truly believe it has a bright future and with similar attributes to action sports and even MMA from the excitement of a live event, personality of the stars, and style factor and it may well be the future of motorsports. With this said check out the full article on crossing over into the niche motorsport markets.